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I’m Snehal Ostwal. I’m an Engineer turned Baker and a Blogger. It has been crazy and scary to change careers. But I had to do what I loved doing so I followed my passion for Baking and founded The Happy Fudge on 05-12-2017 and made my website on 10-04-2018. I first started baking and then blogging. It took time time for me to adapt to a completely new field, but I enjoyed every moment of it knowing I’m kind of getting out of my comfort zone.
In August, I had my first bake sale. It was a great event. All my desserts were loved by everyone. It gave me confidence that I really could do it and it was right there I received my first order. I strongly believe that when you put all your heart at something, you are going to succeed.

The Happy Fudge believes in spreading happiness. I bake Eggless Treats. Here you will find posts on desserts and lifestyle blogging.
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