Oreo Cake with Chocolate Ganache Frosting | Eggless

Hey! Its August already, July went by so quick. I ended July on a sweet note by baking my favourite cake that is the Oreo Cake. If you’re an Oreo lover just like me then you should definitely try this recipe. I bet this recipe will do justice to your taste buds. Yes, let’s begin.


  • 30 Oreos
  • 1 tbsp Cocoa Powder (if you want you can add more)
  • 2 C Sugar
  • Milk (as required)
  • 1 1/2 packet Eno (regular eno)

For the Cake:

  • Firstly, crush 30 Oreos properly using a blender.
  • In blender/mixer add Cocoa Powder, Sugar, Eno and Milk. Be careful with the milk. Batter should not be thin.
  • Blend all the ingredients properly.
  • Take a cake pan, grease it and pour the batter in the pan.
  • Bake the cake at 180°C for 30 mins.
  • Insert a toothpick to see if the cake is perfectly baked. If it comes out clean, then it’s ready.
  • Let it cool down before you start pouring the Ganache.

Chocolate Ganache: You can get the Ganache recipe here.

Grease the Cake Pan:
Pour the batter in the pan.
Bake the cake at 180°C for 30 mins. The cake is perfectly baked and this is what the Oreo cake looks like:

Pour the Ganache on the cake:

Add some sprinkles and it’s ready.

Isn’t that easy and quick? Start baking #thfhappybaking. Make sure to subscribe to my blog and follow me on Instagram @thehappyfudge. See you soon



  • TheDailySunlight August 11, 2018 at 8:33 pm Reply

    This is amazing, look so good! 😀 Thanks for sharing the recipe 🙂

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