Vaseline Hacks!

Today I’ll be sharing some Vaseline hacks with you’ll. Vaseline is a petroleum jelly, thick in texture, greasy and also the most popular product.


I have been using Vaseline for a while now. I call Vaseline “Magic Jelly”. No, I’m not kidding guys. Yes, it is. It can be used in so many ways. You can get Vaseline in any local store. It is very cheap and you get in different sizes. Overall a perfect product.
Here are some hacks that I have tried and worked wonderful:

  • Earrings: Rub some jelly onto back of your earrings so you can easily insert them. Perfect for people with sensitive ears.
  • Lip Scrub: To make lip scrub, you need little Vaseline and Sugar. Vaseline acts as moisturizer and Sugar as exfoliator. Gently scrub your lips. Then wipe off with water and apply some lip balm.
  • Cuticles: To soften your cuticles, apply some Vaseline, let it remain overnight. It will moisturize your nails and you will see the difference soon.
  • Perfumes: Rub Vaseline on your pulse points before you spray your favourite perfume. It will hold the fragrance to your skin.
  • Make up remover: Vaseline actually does a good job in removing makeup. Apply Vaseline on your makeup and gently massage it. Then using cotton pads, wipe it and wash properly.

These were some hacks that I use. What are your hacks for Vaseline, let me know in the comments.
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