Ways to motivate yourself

Hey people,

You always need motivation to get things done. Setting goals is easy but achieving them is a big task. I always plan so many things but there is something that pulls me down and I end up doing nothing. Does this happen to you? Let’s be honest, you cannot keep yourself motivated all the time. But there are few things that will help you. Trust me! I have gone through this.

  • Get motivated from people in your life:
    Please stay away from negative people. They will make you timid. Be around happy or goal-oriented people. You’ll be highly motivated by them. Let the good vibes roll.
  • Write down your goals:
    My friend once told me to write things that I wanted to achieve. You might wonder what difference does it make but trust me guys it makes a huge difference. It’s completely fine to keep the goals in your head and keep focusing on them but writing it down and looking at it everyday will definitely make a huge impact.
  • Go for a walk:
    Fresh air is very important. You are more productive when you have the perfect environment around you. I often go out for a walk and I feel more creative. It will work for you too. Nature will definitely lift up your mood. Go out in nature! 🙂
  • Talk to your friends:
    This is literally the best thing to keep you going. Friends understand you more than anyone else. My friends listen to me patiently and they have the most sincere advice. The best thing is you can be yourself.
  • Listen to podcasts:
    I’m an dedicated listener of Podcasts. When you need boost of motivation, listen to podcasts. There are hundreds of podcasts out there. Everyday I try to listen to one at least. It will help build your confidence. Trust me.
  • Do what you love the most:
    Baking is something that I truly love doing. Whenever I’m low, I bake. It makes me very happy. Whichever activities you like, just do it. This will help calm your mind and reduce the stress. If you don’t wish to then just go out for a walk.




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